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Sat May 29 2021

A fun dive into the world of game development - something I've always been interested in. An ongoing project that is updated when I get a burst of inspiration on the weekend.

Game development has always been a huge interest of mine as I'm always amazed at what can be done with code. I first got into computers and programming as a kid when I found Scratch - a platform that allows you to piece 'code blocks' together to create simple programs. This sparked something in me and I had so much fun exploring and trying to re-create some of my favourite games.

Now that I'm big-boy software engineer I wanted to give it another go and see what I could do. This is something very different from my day job but it is still good practice as it allows me to explore new ideas within Javascript, for example classes and inheritance.

I'm using the Phaser framework which I'm enjoying using, despite the documentation being a bit limited. The game assets are by 0x72 on

This is an ongoing project and something I'll come back to every now and then when I have a bit of time. I would love to make it a fully working, yet simple, game in the future as there are a number of things I'd like to explore; storing high scores, multiplayer action using websockets etc.