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Mon Oct 15 2018

A weekend project inspired by dhanishgajjar's VSCode-Icons project which featured a number of customizations to the VSCode icon. A number of people were requesting colours so why not create a generator?

This project was inspired by dhanishgajjar's VSCode Icon project. On MacOS you can easily update an application's icons and so he created a number of customizations and themes for the icon that users could use to style their dock how they liked.

I saw a number of people requesting themes and since I had a weekend free I created a quick AngularJS app that allowed the user to pick a background and an accent colour and would immediately customize the icon to those colours. This was done by adding a class to each part of an SVG copy of the icon and setting the colour to that class.

I then used a node package called icon-gen and hosted a simple server that would allow the user to download the icon they had customized.

The code was very simple and easily extendable and so I looked at customizing other icons, including the Spotify icon.